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The management of Indigo has made a conscious effort to build a small team of extraordinarily gifted professionals, each among the very best in his or her profession, rather than a larger group of competent but less obviously remarkable personnel.

To this end, the firm continues to allocate an unusually large portion of its operating budget to the identification and recruitment of world-class professionals distinguished by exceptional competence and an obsessive concern for detail. The firm maintains a constant watch for true superstars who might significantly add to its capabilities. Hiring is extremely selective, with less than one candidate in 250 ultimately invited to join the firm.

Indigo works with emerging companies, or divisions of large corporations that have a unique product or service, which can enhance the sales, marketing and/or operations of other companies. We also work with more established companies to identify and execute innovative external marketing and business development initiatives - by leveraging our resources and executing creative strategic alliances.

Our partners are a unique blend of successful entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives with strong credentials in a number of industries.

By forging strategic relationships with the Business Development organizations of our Alliance Partners, Indigo “unlocks the full value of DNA” by leveraging people, products, and services

Our industry focus is on technology companies primarily, with sector focus on Federal Government, enterprise software, telecommunications, database management, Internet applications and infrastructure. We also work with media and consumer packaged goods companies

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