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This site has been designed to both inform and educate current and future clients about the “organic” nature and capabilities of Indigo Technologies, Inc.

We believe that success is gained by following rules and principles that are communicated to, and understood by, our clients. We further believe that the extent to which we are successful is directly proportional to the depth of “Partnership”

The principles are simple: Truth, Ethics, Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, and Teamwork.

The rules are even less complex: They are called “Commitment to Process.”

Our “organic” nature is revealed through the DNA (Delivery Network Alliance). Downloads accessible from this link will give you insight to the Process, Principles, and Capabilities of Indigo that become the “Indigo Difference.”

Our goal for this site is twofold:

  1. Become a source of information that will help current and future clients ask informed questions when seeking solutions and/or services.
  2. Project Indigo as the most logical alternative in Extended Enterprise Solutions/Services deployment.
We welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this site to help us help you.

In a world where the network eventually becomes the computer, the service, itself, becomes the application…the application of the future will be nothing more than a "networked service"

...we endeavor to become a new breed of service provider…a leading "networked service" provider...a provider of converged systems integration and outsourcing services...a global “virtual” netsourcer...

...that can provide “integrated information on demand,” delivered as a service, allowing enterprises to manage any business process across any enterprise over any network via any device...from any location...

We are committed to process. Integrated Engineering Processes used on all initiatives are SEI-CMM Level-5 compliant.

This yields higher quality products, lower lifecycle costs, reduces time for delivery, and provides for more repeatable processes and more predictable results.

This commitment to process is well defined and documented; it spans all phases of the system lifecycle and can be tailored to meet the scope of any engagement.

Core Values

  • We are committed to process and integrity
  • We exist to serve our customers
  • We promote innovation and flexibility
  • We constantly improve
  • We achieve our objectives through teamwork
  • We respect and recognize our employees for their commitment and expertise

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